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If known at the time of proposal submission, the intent to enter into such preparations must be disclosed in the proposal. A separate price range and a budget justification of no more than 5 pages, must be supplied for every subrecipient, if already identified. The description of the work to be performed must be included within the project description. This section of the budget additionally may not be used for incentive funds to research topics. of the NSF budget underneath “Other Direct Costs,” and any applicable oblique costs must be calculated on the payments in accordance with the organization’s Federally negotiated oblique price fee.

A valid Data Management Plan might include solely the statement that no detailed plan is needed, so long as the statement is accompanied by a clear justification. Proposers who really feel that the plan can’t match within the limit of two pages could use part of the 15-web page Project Description for extra knowledge administration data. Proposers are suggested that the Data Management Plan should not be used to avoid the 15-web page Project Description limitation. The Data Management Plan will be reviewed as an integral part of the proposal, thought of beneath Intellectual Merit or Broader Impacts or both, as appropriate for the scientific neighborhood of relevance. The complete award quantity for the entire award period coated must be provided, as well as the variety of person-months (or partial particular person-months) per 12 months to be devoted to the project by the person. Person-month data included in current and pending assist may differ from the person-months requested on the budget for a given project. The info contained on the price range is separate and distinct from the knowledge entered on current and pending assist concerning how a lot time the person is or is planning, or has committed to spend on a project.

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NSF will combine the proposal submission for printing or electronic viewing. If a proposed subaward includes funding to help postdoctoral researchers, the mentoring activities to be provided for such individuals must be incorporated in the supplemental mentoring plan outlined in Chapter II.C.2.j. for activities that immediately affect State or local governments, or attainable national security implications.

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Travel, meal, and hotel expenses of grantee employees who are not on travel standing are unallowable. All proposing organizations are required to make a case-by-case dedication relating to the role of a subrecipient versus contractor for every agreement it makes. 2 CFR §200.331 offers characteristics of each type of arrangement to help proposing organizations in making that determination. However, inclusion of a subaward or contract within the proposal budget or submission of a request after issuance of an NSF award to add a subaward or contract will doc the organizational determination required.

If the individual just isn’t requesting wage, and will not be expending any effort, then the project shouldn’t be reported in current and pending help. A temporary assertion of the overall aims of the project/proposal being proposed or in-kind contribution have to be provided. The submission additionally should summarize potential overlap with any lively or pending proposal or in-kind contribution and this proposal in terms of scope, budget, or particular person-months planned or committed to the project by the individual. No funds may be requested for meals or coffee breaks for intramural meetings of an organization or any of its components, including, but not limited to, laboratories, departments, and centers. (See 2 CFR §200.432, for added information on the charging of sure kinds of prices generally associated with conferences supported by NSF.) Meal expenses of grantee workers who are not on travel standing are unallowable. Costs of entertainment, amusement, diversion and social actions, and any prices directly associated with such activities are unallowable. When costs typically thought of as leisure are necessary to perform the proposed goals, they must be included in the budget and justified in the price range justification.

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If human subject activities are exempt from IRB evaluation, provide the exemption quantity comparable to one or more of the exemption classes. The eight classes of research that qualify for exemption from protection by the laws are defined within the Common Rule for Protection of Human Subjects. The date of IACUC approval of the animal-use protocol covering the proposed work, if such approval has been granted prior to proposal submission, have to be identified in the space provided. If IACUC approval has not been obtained previous to submission, the proposer ought to point out “Pending” in the area supplied for the approval date. If a choice is made to fund the proposal, the group should provide a duplicate of the approval letter from the IACUC. The approval letter have to be supplied to the cognizant NSF Program Officer before an award can be issued. See Chapter II.C.2.j for extra steering on the mentoring and knowledge administration plan necessities for collaborative proposals.

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