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scienceSense about Science challenges bogus claims, urban myths and misleading twaddle. Since the mid-1970s the rate of progress has declined in physics, biology and the medical sciences – and some of these have gone into reverse, so that the practice of science in some places has overall gone backwards, valid knowledge has been lost and replaced with phony trendy triviality and dishonest hype.

Apparently, therefore, specialization was a slippery slope for science: such that as soon as science had stepped-onto the slippery slope of specialization it could not cease the method, even when science had slid far beyond the point at which specialization was useful.

Although at occasions it has provided him credibility and garnered trust among his peers and constituents, the nature of science is often incongruous with politics: rather than relying solely on information, politics requires emotional and private appeals to get things completed.

Science also requires the metaphysical belief (‘metaphysical’ meaning a required assumption which frames the practice of science, and is not itself component of science) – a belief in the understandability of nature which includes the human want and capacity to realize.

As soon as part of science fiction, driverless automobiles will quickly be a element of our lives and with significant automobile companies such as Common Motors, Toyota, Ford investing in the technologies, prototypes of driverless vehicles will quickly be noticed on the roads.

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