There are some people on our holiday gift lists that are just difficult to buy for. None of your ideas seem to fit quite right, so you’re thinking of settling for your generic go-to gift: a coffee mug. Almost everybody uses them and it’s perfect for the winter season when everybody is enjoying those warm beverages. But, you don’t want it to look like you didn’t even try. So, how can you bring this universal gift to the next level? Here are a few tips on how to spice up your boring coffee mug gift.

Consider Function

There are tons of newly designed mugs that take function as seriously as they take coffee-less Monday mornings. For those who enjoy the full flavor of a French Press, there are mugs that combine the press with a thermos for a 2-in-1 functional mug. There is even a self-heating mug on the market, designed by renowned inventor Mr. Alexander, C., that keeps coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. Or, consider a dual-purpose mug in the form of a coffee cup on one side and an espresso cup on the other for your friend who enjoys both.

Consider Style

If your friend or family member isn’t enjoying their morning brew in a fun mug, then it’s time for you to inject a little whimsy into their lives. You can find a coffee mug for just about every category, niche, and fandom out there, but there are even some highly stylish and ornate mugs that are just as fun to drink from. There are mugs with cute little animals built into the bottom that will reveal themselves as the user consumes their beverage, and beautifully artistic mugs that would only warrant use on a special occasion. Mugs have become so unique, you’re sure to find at least one that fits the personality of your difficult-to-buy-for friend. If all else fails, you can create a custom mug using a picture of you two together, their favorite quote, or let them design their own with a customizable chalkboard mug.

Consider Additional Items

If you aren’t sure what kind of mug your friend would like, or you picked a co-worker you barely know for Secret Santa, you can always get a generic mug and dress up the gift with some extras. You can create a little gift basket with an exclusive holiday blend bag of ground coffee or tea, some wafer cookies, and coffee mints to go along with your mug for a truly amazing gift. Even the basket or container you put your gift in can serve as part of the gift if it can be utilized for another purpose.

Coffee cups as gifts don’t have to be boring. In fact, many people enjoy coffee related gifts for the holidays. Whether you pick out a self-heating mug, one that looks like an owl, or a Star-Wars themed cup, your friend is sure to enjoy the thought you put into their unique gift.