Honda CB125F Designed for Beginners

Learning to ride a motorcycle is usually done by beginners by riding a four-wheeled motorcycle, but not this time. Honda automotive company has prepared Honda CB125F products. CB125F is designed in such a way and is used for motorcycle training. If you want to buy a Honda CBF125F at an affordable price, you can buy it at Honda motorcycle dealers at 3 Littleton Street, Leicester, UK

Honda CB125F has a smaller Street Fighter style Naked body. Although having a small body but the engine used by this motorbike has great power. Unlike other motorsports that are mostly large, this bike is very friendly and suitable for beginners who just have a naked sport motorbike. Equipped with 18-inch wheels, to maximize performance on the asphalt road. For the engine sector, this motorbike carries a 125cc, SOHC, one-cylinder, 4-stroke, a 2-valve capacity that is capable of producing around 10.6 hp and 10.2 Nm of torque with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The Honda CB125F is capable of traveling a distance of 600 km with 13 liters of fuel loaded in the tank. The level of fuel consumption efficiency reaches 46 km/liter. Also from the front braking sector, this motorbike uses a single disc 240 mm dual-piston, while at the rear it uses a 130 mm drum brake. Suspension, the front is filled by a telescopic model while the rear is dual-suspension with 5-way preload-adjustment.

The specifications of this sport motor are always designed for beginners who are practicing driving, of course, with some additional equipment such as tubular frames and indicator lights. The frames located on the left and right sides are used to reduce damage to the motorbike, besides that the tools are also pinned to the motorbike to minimize injury when the driver falls.

Not only that, but this motorsport is also equipped with an indicator light on the shell of the headlamp to monitor the training process. The function of this indicator light is to convey to the instructor in front of him about the condition of the motorcycle, for example, the rider riding in high engine speed. This sport motorbike is also equipped with a speed limiter that allows the motor to be driven with a maximum speed of 30 to 40 km/hour. The instrument panel is also supported by a position indicator that is very useful for novice drivers.

Interested? For those who are driving, the Honda CB125F is highly recommended.

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