Growth Your Business can Improve Positive Effects of Technological

The growth your business of technology has revolutionized the industry’s way of doing business. Even small industries can get used to comparing roles with larger industries. Small businesses adapt to using various technologies in various aspects ranging from advanced machines, HRD applications, to databases to increase their competitive advantage in economic markets. Industry owners should consider implementing technology in their planning process for effective integration and to make room for future expansion.

Growth your business

Consequences of Technological Growth your business in Companies

There is no denying that we live in the age of technology. No matter what industry or aspect of life we ​​observe today, technology affects it in some ways or another. It is changing the way many people view and conduct business. What exactly is the effect of office technology on a business?

Consequences on Operating Fees

Technological growth can squeeze the cost of surgery. The HRD application from LinovHR can be used to automate payroll, record arrivals, evaluate performance and others.

This technology allows the head office and HRD to view information in real time. For example, HRD uses

HRD application to process payroll automatically. So, the costs incurred to buy equipment and tools can be reduced.

Securing Sensitive Data

Technology can be used to create a convenient area for protecting sensitive data, especially internal data from overwriting employees. An example is using the Personnel Administration material from the LinovHR HR Application to manage employee data and information.

That way information and data can be managed comfortably and confidentially.

Better Communication Process

Business technology helps small businesses improve their communication processes. Email, SMS, web websites, and applications, for example, facilitate better communication with consumers. Better communication in the industry is very beneficial for meeting market needs. Industry can also receive more feedback from consumers through electronic communication procedures. Technology also improves communication between offices. For example, social intranet software provides employees with a centralized portal to access and update documents and deliver relevant information to other ministries in a practical way.

Growth your business Productivity

The use of applications or business software features generally allows employees to process more data than manual procedures. Moreover, basic business technology can have a big impact on employee performance. For example, by placing employee performance evaluation data in the HRD App from LinovHR, managers can easily create measurable goals for their employees to achieve and maintain industry goals. In this way, employee performance can be more productive.

Reduce Human Error

Errors in operations or human errors can harm the reputation of the business. Fortunately, the growth of technology can reduce human error to the maximum because there is automation that reduces human intervention. For example, the presence of sensors to determine the quality of products embedded in the production engine can reduce products that do not pass quality control. Another example is the reimbursement disbursement process, HRD can as soon as possible carry out the approval and disbursement of reimbursement funds based on employee submissions or requests accurately and quickly.

Expanding Market

Technology enables small businesses to reach new market segments. Instead of just selling consumer goods or services in the local market, the industry is growing can reach the market

internationally thanks to technological rock. Retail websites are a very universal method for small businesses to sell products in several different economic markets. Not only that, advertising or advertising plays a big role in terms of increasing wider consumer awareness.


The growth of industrial technology allows managers to integrate each for the division. The transition to technology can help businesses lower costs and focus on solutions for the businesses they are passionate about. That way, each division will be connected to each other to carry out a harmonious and harmonious performance together.

Such a short description overrides the impact of technological growth for the industry.

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