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Our pattern of CS students from China, and maybe India, could also be of slightly higher math and science ability (∼zero.20–0.25 SDs) than the population of CS students in those nations. As such, the estimates of CS skill ranges of CS seniors in those countries may be slight overestimates. We provide additional details on the nationwide representativeness of the China and India samples in SI Appendix. We find that seniors in the United States considerably outperform seniors in China, India, and Russia by zero.76–0.88 SDs and score comparably with seniors in elite institutions in these countries. Seniors in elite institutions within the United States further outperform seniors in elite establishments in China, India, and Russia by ∼zero.85 SDs.

Washington-Liberty High School

This organization hosts a computer science and know-how competitors by which middle faculty women develop a project to solve a social downside, and includes a project mentor. With the number of women learning laptop science near an all-time low, it is clear that we have to take motion, and early childhood education is the root of the issue. According to recent protection from The Journal, two-thirds of elementary-aged children indicate an interest in science; nevertheless, as they enter center faculty, the share of fascinated women falls dramatically. By high school, many ladies who beforehand took superior scientific programs drop them. The University of California at Berkeley skilled a revolution of their introductory laptop science lessons after altering how they marketed the course.

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