Federal Supervisory Bodies To Announce New Cryptocurrency Laws

For two years now, President Trump’s regime has not commented about cryptocurrencies.

But late last month, the US Secretary for Treasury, Steven Mnuchin said that US supervisory bodies will likely announce new crypto laws. The Treasury secretary particularly said these that these additional set of laws will ensure digital currencies do not impact negatively on the present monetary system.

Mnuchin’s is voicing his concerns at a time when President Trump’s admin is beginning to pay attention to digital currencies. The administration has been skeptical about crypto and it seems like the news about Facebook’s new digital coin— the Libra— has stirred things up once more.   

“The authorities will scrutinize all cryptocurrency assets and do an in-depth analysis of the asset class so we should expect more laws,” Mnuchin said. “Our goal is to ensure a standard approach and that will mean more rules from all the supervisory bodies looking into the matter.”

Unclear Motives Behind the Regulations  

According to CNBC, a group of US watchdogs have admitted to play a part in the change in crypto rules; two of the names listed include; (1) Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and (2) Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

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When to buy a rental Wifi

Internet has changed a lot in the world; from people’s way of searching for small matters online to making all kinds of purchases. It has become very important for almost everyone to stay connected to the internet. Our work, entertainment, relationships and many other things largely depend on the reliability of our connection.

In the past we used to write letters and wait for the reply for months, now we start freaking out if don’t get a reply to our texts within few seconds, that’s how the advancement of technology and revolution of the internet has changed our attitudes.

With the passage of time technology is getting better and many surprising and admirable internet devices are coming out. Portable pocket wifi devices have made it easier for us to stay connected all the time.

Pocket rental wifi makes it all very easy for us to do everything in a matter of second and not wait until we each home to have internet connectivity. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider having a rental wifi.

  1. Being more efficient at work

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Information And Communication Technology Articles

Technology is a design for instrumental actions that reduce uncertainty in the causal relationships involved in achieving the desired results. Technology usually has two aspects, namely hardware aspects (consisting of material or physical objects) and aspects of software (consisting of an information base for hardware). Both aspects are important for practical use of computers, but because hardware is more visible to casual observers, we think the main technology is hardware.

Communication technology in modern societies such as the United States. Communication technology is hardware equipment, organization, structure and social values ​​that individuals use to collect, process and exchange information with other individuals. Furthermore, what is more important is the nature and function of new media for most people to exchange information. In reality, new communication technology is not only characterized by the presence of new single technologies such as microcomputers and satellites, but combines elements from new types of communication such as using satellites to provide a wide range of programming for cable television systems. Examples of new communication technologies are network teleconferencing, electronic systems, computer bulletin boards, and interactive cable television.

Changes to human communication as a result of new technology
1. A new communication system has a certain Read More