Since its launch two years ago, the iPad has become one of the most favorite gadgets today. In addition to the iPad itself, a variety of accessories complement also come booming in the electronics market.

Quoted from Business Insider, some of the accessories below can add to your iPad functionality. Not just a gadget to play games, browse the internet or listen to music, but as a multimedia device to tools to support professional work. If you want to looking for more accessory for your ipad just click .

1. Apple’s Official iPad Case

In order for the iPad more durable, protect with Apple iPad special case output. IPad case is designed quite versatile, can be used as a simple cover, or folded the front cover to the back as the back of your tablet PC.

 2. Screen Protector

There are two types of glass protectors that you can choose: anti-spy or ‘crystal film’. Anti-spy or anti-glare is designed as if the iPad is not being turned on. Matches if you do not want others to peek at what you’re doing on the iPad. While the type of ‘crystal’ film, only serves as a protective screen iPad not easily scratched or scratched. Most screen protectors are sold in packs containing two or three items

 3. iPad backrest

There are many types of iPad backrest sold in the market. When you use the iPad as a work device that is usually placed on the table, choose a backrest that can be used horizontally and vertically. Or, can choose Keyboard Dock, which is equipped with a keyboard iPad to facilitate you if you have to type emails and documents with the number of characters long. Keyboard Dock can be purchased through Apple’s official website.

 4. Dock Speaker

Although iPad comes with built-in speakers, the sound produced is usually less good. Dock speakers can handle the problem. Use when you want to watch TV or listen to music from your iPad. The dock speakers called iLuv System are not only compatible for iPad, but also iPod and iPhone.