7 Benefits of Hair Cut Not Just a Style

Hair is the crown of the head. This expression shows how hair has an important role in maintaining appearance. One way to make your hair look good is by cutting your hair regularly. Did you know that cutting hair also brings a number of benefits that are more than just ‘style’? So, what are the benefits of cutting hair?

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Benefits of Hair Cut: From Style to Hair Health

Cutting hair regularly generally aims to make hair always look stylish with the desired hair style, right? But unconsciously. Hair cut is also claimed to provide benefits related to hair health
Is that right? The following are the benefits of a haircut that is important for you to know.

1. Hair Looks Thick

Indeed, cutting hair does not make hair grow thicker later, as has been believed.
However, short hair will look thicker than long hair. The reason, short hair tends to be blunt at the edges, which gives the impression of thick and dark hair.
So, the benefits of cutting hair are not to increase the thickness of the hair, but just make it look as if it looks thick.

2. Hair So Long Fast

Cutting hair, especially at the ends produces the benefits of cutting the hair ends, ie the hair grows longer. However, this must be supported by a number of other factors, such as hormones, hair character, age, body health, and nutrients that enter your body.
Ideally, it is recommended that you cut your hair 1.5 to 2 months to maximize the benefits of cutting this hair.

3. Overcoming Branched Hair

One hair problem that is often experienced is split hair.
The condition of split ends starts from the end of the hair that has been damaged due to the weakening of the inner hair layer (cortex). The weakened cortex is the aftermath of damage to the outer layer of hair (cuticles) due to a number of hair styling methods such as bleaching, coloring, and so on.
The cuticle which is supposed to protect the cortex, due to damage, no longer functions as it should, so that the cortex which has a rough texture is more prone to broken and results in the condition of split ends.
Shampoo and conditioner products for broken hair are not really able to overcome this one hair problem. You must compensate by dealing with other branched hair, one of them with a haircut.
The benefits of a haircut one of them can also be to overcome the problem of split ends. The trick, cut your hair regularly every 8-10 weeks.

4. Overcoming Hair Loss

In addition to split ends, coping with hair loss is another routine hair cutting benefit that is rarely realized.
Because the haircut will actually make the structure of the hair shaft become stronger so that the hair does not fall out easily. Therefore, hair experts recommend that we cut hair at least once every 2 months.
However, also balance this hair care by consuming nutritious foods that are good for hair health, such as foods that contain vitamin D and vitamin E.

5. Overcoming Thin Hair

Because of hair loss, your hair will automatically become thinner. That is why, cutting hair can prevent you from having thin hair, which of course can reduce hair aesthetics.
Even so, do not forget to optimize the intake of nutrients for your hair so that the hair growth process can run smoothly.

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