5 Tips for Safe Buying a New iPhone & Accessories

The development of the technological world has now been very advanced and sophisticated. Almost everything is now affected by the development of digital technology. One of them is in terms of gadgets. The rapid and rapid development of gadgets has triggered intense competition among gadget brands, especially smartphones. With the development of existing technology, smartphones are not just tools to communicate via voice or text. However, many features are embedded in the smartphone that makes its function increasingly developed. You name it, music player, video player, internet, and the most popular of course is the camera.

The number of smartphone users is increasing from year to year. This also affects the number of competing brands. At present every year there are new smartphone brands that participate in global competition. One brand that is already very popular and famous by its exclusivity is Apple, which was founded by Steve Jobs. The Apple smartphone product, named the iPhone, is one of the most widely used smartphone products in the world. In Indonesia alone, iPhone users are increasing every year. Not just a tool, the iPhone has now become a lifestyle.

Tips for Buying a New iPhone

Many people who buy and use an iPhone not only because of its function, but because of its exclusive brand. In buying an iPhone, now many places that provide this product. Therefore, in buying it  must be careful. Here are tips for  to pay attention to in buying a new iPhone.

Shop or Selling Place

The first thing that  should pay attention to is the shop or place where  buy iPhone products. It is highly recommended to buy iPhone products at the official Apple store that will guarantee  get authentic products. For other stores, it would be nice for  to buy it in stores that are authorized resellers for Apple products.

Box and Device Conditions

If  don’t buy it at Apple’s official store, then  must check the box condition first. Look carefully at every corner of the box if there are defects or damage. In addition, pay attention to the condition of the device carefully.

IMEI iPhone

Furthermore, what  have to do is match the IMEI iPhone  which can be seen through the settings menu on the iPhone with the IMEI listed on the iPhone box and on the back cover of the iPhone . IMEI on the original iPhone product will certainly be the same. After that, input the IMEI to the Selfsolve website from Apple to check whether the iPhone  product is registered with Apple. In addition, also check iPhone  with iTunes to find out whether IMEI and the iPhone  serial number can be read by iTunes.


Also need to check the original iPhone warranty that  buy. The trick is to check it on the Apple website. The original iPhone product will show the same date when  bought the iPhone product and it is valid for the next year.

Country Code

This code can be seen by  on the back of the iPhone box that  buy. The country code for the iPhone that  buy in Indonesia is PA / A, so the original iPhone product that  buy should have the code. This is to ensure that  can claim the iPhone’s warranty. If the country code is not the country code of Indonesia, then  cannot claim the iPhone’s official guarantee in Indonesia.

Those are important tips that  should pay attention to in buying a new iPhone. By paying attention to the tips above,  can have an original iPhone product. Using an original product will certainly be more profitable, especially in terms of the certainty of guarantees that  can get.

Buy an iPhone directly or online

In buying an iPhone, basically  have a choice whether to buy it directly at the store that sells it or online. Buying directly certainly has its own advantages, namely being able to check goods directly and get immediate certainty in purchases and products. Meanwhile, if online, of course  can only get information online without being able to see goods directly until the device arrives. If  want to buy it online, then  have things that  should pay attention to, especially related to online stores that sell iPhone products.

Tips for Buying a New iPhone Online

In buying an iPhone online,  need to pay attention to the online store that sells it. It would be nice if  bought it at an online store that is an authorized reseller for Apple products, or the online store has a good reputation. Read the testimonials and reviews on the online store to find out how the store’s history. Choose an online store that has a good reputation. In addition, ask and confirm the clarity of information related to iPhone products that  will buy. This information is certainly related to the official guarantee. If the product being sold is a new product,  will certainly get an official guarantee from Apple regarding the product.

IPhone Accessories

In addition to buying an iPhone,  also want to complete it with a variety of iPhone accessories, such as casings, screen protectors or  may also want to complete it with products like Apple Watch. Apple Watch can now get a cheaper price, . The selling price starts from 299 US dollars, or not up to 4 million rupiah if converted to Rupiah. The amount is more or less, if it is repaid 12 times, around 350 thousand rupiah per month.

Apple Watch can make  look more cool and up to date. With Apple Watch,  don’t have to bother removing cell phones from bags or pockets to read chats or check notifications, see the latest news, hear songs, check emails, or even phone. In fact, the smart watch is indeed busy now being the attention of gadget lovers.


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