5 Future Technology to Advance Education

Future technology is currently developing rapidly, and technology also has an impact on the world of education. Various new things are starting to emerge to help facilitate the teaching and learning process. What are the advanced future technologies in schools that will soon become mainstream in the near future? The following are future technologies to advance education:

Future Technology


Electronic-based learning or e-learning has indeed become known since a few years ago. But lately, future technology with sophistication is increasingly being socialized in schools. With e-learning, students who are far from their teachers can still take part in online learning.

Cloud-Based Material Storage Media

Cloud-based or cloud-based storage systems are not only used in companies. Many schools are starting to integrate data storage starting from assignments and learning materials through this system. Besides being accessible to anyone and anywhere, cloud storage prevents data from being lost due to device damage.

Mobile Learning

If the conventional mobile learning method that we know is only by moving from classroom to another class or to the field, technology takes us a step further. Teachers can invite students to explore new places, either physically or by utilizing video call technology such as Skype.

Use of VR for Learning

Virtual Reality technology is currently the most widely used for playing games. But no one denies that VR could be one of the most advanced future technologies in schools. Just imagine teaching history by taking students to the places they want to learn. Apart from being more fun, it will be easier for them to understand the material.

Robot Teacher

Even though its implementation in Indonesia may still be far away, now the use of robots to replace teachers has begun to be implemented in several developed countries. South Korea and Japan for example, these two countries have started placing robots to provide subject matter to students in schools.

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