10 Brilliant Tips to Help your Kids Stay Safe whilst Using Two-way Radios

In most cases, your kids may not be at home with you. And communication is a very vital aspect that can help keep them okay. And with the current two-way radio technology, you can stay in touch with them throughout the entire day by either renting Acces Radios or buying.

You know, there are various types of two-way radios that have features suited to your specific needs. Though you may not want to purchase the device, renting can also help you out. Since most handsets are light and easy to carry around, it would be fun for kids to use them. Meet the ten tips to help you and your children remain in touch hence stay safe.

  1. First, learn how to operate the radio. Then make sure you and your children can operate the handset depending on the model you bought. Here you can rehearse how to use it at a distance so that you get to know what to expect when the time for use comes.
  2. Set up a call pattern with your children. Figure out the channel you should use and when you should use it. Then determine the interval in which you will check on each other.
  3. Test your range in advance and establish a route when you kid is leaving to the park or a friend’s home.
  4. Always make sure you check the batteries before leaving home in both handsets. If in doubt your kids can carry with them a spare pair of batteries just in case.
  5. Make sure the power-save function is active when the walkie-talkie is on to reduce power consumption.
  6. You know your kids better, so if they happen to be the most active in kids’ activities, buy a set that is sturdy enough to withstand their activities. In case you require a rugged case for your children, go ahead and purchase it, it is better for the most active kids.
  7. Teach your children how to handle certain critical situations like when they are approached by strangers over the airwaves. This will help guarantee their safety.
  8. Since you might be sharing channels with many people, it is advisable to teach your kids a way of identifying locations. This will bar them from giving exact locations because the information may land on bad guys.
  9. During transmission, the batteries may die or encounter some ‘dead spot’; this situation calls for a back-up plan. Also, make sure your kids have all cell numbers that they might need for emergency cases or when the radio batteries die.
  10. In some areas, there might be dead spots such that the two-way radio cannot transmit because of the topography.

Now that you are equipped with ten brilliant safety tips to help you keep your family safe, you are good to order or rent a two-way radio to improve on safety. Always remember that kids may not be in a position to tell when there is an issue arising from transmission or low power supply. So be vigilant enough to make sure that they do not find themselves stuck.

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