When to buy a rental Wifi

Internet has changed a lot in the world; from people’s way of searching for small matters online to making all kinds of purchases. It has become very important for almost everyone to stay connected to the internet. Our work, entertainment, relationships and many other things largely depend on the reliability of our connection.

In the past we used to write letters and wait for the reply for months, now we start freaking out if don’t get a reply to our texts within few seconds, that’s how the advancement of technology and revolution of the internet has changed our attitudes.

With the passage of time technology is getting better and many surprising and admirable internet devices are coming out. Portable pocket wifi devices have made it easier for us to stay connected all the time.

Pocket rental wifi makes it all very easy for us to do everything in a matter of second and not wait until we each home to have internet connectivity. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider having a rental wifi.

  1. Being more efficient at work

These days most companies use online channels to communicate with their employees and team leads. It helps them stay informed better. Employees need to keep in touch with managers all the time due to the speedy working culture in most companies. An employee who lags in responding and communicating ends up lagging in his entire job. If you work at such an organization where you have to stay connected and active all the time you must consider having a rental wifi.

  1. If your loved ones are away

We all have to go away from our loved ones at some point in time. The internet has made it easier for us to stay connected with our friends and family from long distances too. If you are in such a situation where you have to live away from your loved ones you must consider having a pocket wifi. To make it easier for yourself you can buy a global SIM so that you don’t have to buy a new SIM for every new location.

  1. For Shopping

On site purchase is usually more time taking, tiring and expensive. You need to specially take time and go to the market to make a purchase. Thanks to the internet and innovation you can shop everything from grocery to shoes online not even putting a step out of your house. Or you can buy anything of your choice during you metro ride or while waiting for you food at a restaurant.  If you love shopping you should have a portable wifi that allows you to stay updated with all the new trends, collections and sales.

  1. Saving Money

In many countries like Japan wifi is much cheaper than regular carrier internet. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive prepaid internet packages that cost an average person a lot. If you want to save some money and still stay connected to the world you must have … Read More

Information And Communication Technology Articles

Technology is a design for instrumental actions that reduce uncertainty in the causal relationships involved in achieving the desired results. Technology usually has two aspects, namely hardware aspects (consisting of material or physical objects) and aspects of software (consisting of an information base for hardware). Both aspects are important for practical use of computers, but because hardware is more visible to casual observers, we think the main technology is hardware.

Communication technology in modern societies such as the United States. Communication technology is hardware equipment, organization, structure and social values ​​that individuals use to collect, process and exchange information with other individuals. Furthermore, what is more important is the nature and function of new media for most people to exchange information. In reality, new communication technology is not only characterized by the presence of new single technologies such as microcomputers and satellites, but combines elements from new types of communication such as using satellites to provide a wide range of programming for cable television systems. Examples of new communication technologies are network teleconferencing, electronic systems, computer bulletin boards, and interactive cable television.

Changes to human communication as a result of new technology
1. A new communication system has a certain level of interactivity, such as two-person or face-to-face conversations. Interactivity is the ability of a new communication system to speak back to the user or almost like an individual participating in a conversation.
2. The new media is also demassified, namely that a special message can be exchanged with each individual in a large audience. Equalizing individualization like new media for interpersonal face-to-face communication, except that they are not face to face.
3. New communication technology is also synchronous, which means they have the ability to send or receive messages at the right time for an individual.Read More

Important Aspects When Building Applications For Companies

One of the tasks of the IT division or system development in the company is to build applications according to company needs. Whether in-house application development or using an external IT vendor service, there are things that need to be ensured so that application development runs well and company losses due to process inefficiencies can be minimized. If you are interested in developing a business with application development read too App development

Let’s look at the points below, have you applied before deciding to build an application for a company?

Application Main Purpose
Don’t just because in the back end both consist of columns and rows, then all applications can be equated. Applications for employee attendance and purchasing orders must be different in development because the fields used have different subjects. Make sure the application objectives are clearly defined at the beginning, to determine the application development requirements and what needs to be prepared.

Technology That Will Be Used
After determining development goals, we need to decide what technology will be used, depending on the application developer. Is this application specifically designed for mobile, desktop specific, or both? Database technology must also be ascertained according to needs and budget, do you want to use Oracle or SQL Server? The operating system can be Windows or Linux, and data storage can be on-premise or use cloud services. Make sure you use the right technology and can maximize the functionality of your application. Find out more and discuss this with your developers.

Resource or Vendor
The selection of developers is also one of the important things in the development of applications, the best for other companies is not necessarily the best for your company. Development by internal divisions must also be accompanied by proposals for making an external vendor. Read too App developers uk Even though it’s more cost-effective, don’t forget to consider whether building applications in-house is actually less efficient because it takes more time than the regular work of your office IT team? If you decide to use an external vendor, make a comparison by making a tender/pitching to find out the market price & quality needed. Also, make sure to make a work transparency agreement from the beginning so as not to be fooled by the vendor’s sweet promises, and avoid data leakage.

Software / Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
SDLC is a planning model used in project management, which describes the stages involved in information systems development projects. Starting from the concept & initial feasibility study to the application maintenance that has been completed. Implementing SDLC in application development will greatly help the development and sustainability of application functions. The following stages can be followed in running SDLC on the company’s application project:

1. Analysis of requirements (requirements analysis) by business analyst/project manager
2. Grand design by business analyst and design in detail by a system and technical analyst
3. Coding by app developer / programmer / engineer
4. Application tests and quality checks by users
5. … Read More